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Dear Auto Shop Owner,

Are you tired of spending (actually wasting) boatloads of money on advertising that never pays off? Are you tired of listening to the advertising salesmen that keeps telling you it’s all about repetition? Remember, they get paid regardless of whether your ads work or not! How many customers did you get from the last ad, flyer or Valpak? If you’re like most auto shop owners, the two or three customers you actually got cost you more than $500 each! You’ll never recover those costs and if you keep doing that, you’ll go broke!

I can help you with common sense auto shop marketing solutions that work! Why? Because I’ve done it myself and currently work with other, select auto service shop owners to help them. Besides, I only work with auto service and repair shop owners – not like those other marketing 'gurus' that try to help doctors, dentists, lawyers, restaurant owners and ladies spas too! Every one of my strategies is focused on helping auto repair shop owners build their business.

Besides... there's absolutely no obligation and you may not even quality. To find out, send me your e-mail address by filling in the form below. I'll send you some questions to answer to complete your application. If you quality, I will help you with fully customized, 1-on-1 Auto Service Marketing Solutions that work!  
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Auto Repair and Service Shop Marketing Specialist - Matthew Lee - Author of "THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO AUTO SERVICE MARKETING". Matthew Lee - Author of "THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO AUTO SERVICE MARKETING" - Auto Service Marketing Specialist
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